Michele graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland in 1992 with a BA (Hons) degree in Ceramics Design. Since graduating Michele has traveled extensively and on returning back to Ireland she set up her ceramics studio in Dublin and had been working with clay for over thirty years and she has developed her own distinct style. Her Ceramic range includes decorative bowls, vases, birds, wall pieces as well as one off Sculptural pieces. She has exhibited in galleries throughout Ireland.

 Michele’s love for the sea and the natural world has greatly influenced and inspired  her ceramic work. The pieces are characterized by harmony of form, colour and surface. Drawing their inspiration from the simple forms and patterns found in nature, and the abstract and rhythmical patterns created by the sea. Colour is used to visualize the energy of nature. 

 Michele's work is hand built using stoneware or porcelain clay and decorated using a combination of layering glazes, slips and a fusion of glass with the ceramic. The merging and blending of these different elements in the firing process creates a uniqueness and adds a richness to the form. Her wall pieces incorporate a number of surface treatments and techniques such sgraffito, enamel transfers which bring the ceramic surface to life.


"My foremost  memories of the sea are the beautiful beaches of Connemara.

I’m always trying to capture the essence of that place which sparked my imagination as a child. 

My Grandparents lived by the sea and visits to his house always involved a walk down to the sea, beach combing and making outsider art on the sand and the stones.

I grew up making things, and the kindness and generosity of teachers led me to the world of ceramics and art college and there the love affair began."