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Colour Bursts Wall Plate - Red
Colour Bursts Wall Plate - Red

Colour Bursts Wall Plate - Red

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These plates are inspired by my love of colour. The expressive power of colour to convoy emotions to express joy, passion and happiness.
Colour Burst Plates are handmade from a black stoneware clay and high fired, the inside is decorated in a painterly way using slips and glazes with melted glass pooled in the centre to give a jewel like effect. Hand painted swirls of gold lustre ( 22K gold) accents to highlight the inside surface of the plate, combine with leaf  motifs in gold emamel to give a rich decorative look. This plate is prefect as a special decoration piece for the home and can be hung on a wall or displayed on table and would add colour and vibrancy to any setting. 

Each piece is handmade and one of a kind therefore may look slightly different from the image. 

Care instructions: Hand wash only.